How coaching can help in menopause

  • Published on 13th October 2021
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Following a taboo-busting Donut Time talk on “Menopause and the Workplace” from menopause expert Laura Shuckburgh, here’s a thought-provoking blog from Laura on the benefits of coaching during menopause.

When we start the journey into menopause it can be a massive shock to our systems. Especially when brought on suddenly or prematurely. The changes that our diminished hormones have on our bodies and our minds can be overwhelming.

Every women’s journey is totally unique but there are symptoms that many women feel and can include feelings of anxiety, depression, loss of confidence, feeling like half of them is missing. “I just don’t feel like myself anymore” is a common theme, along with the physical symptoms. This potent cocktail can be debilitating for some and inconvenient for others.

And it is true, we have lost part of ourselves, our hormones, and this brings up so much for us as women. There can be a kind of mourning for our bodies heading away from our childbearing days and into a new phase. This new phase is something to be celebrated and embraced and yet for many women this feels more like a time for grieving and unless we acknowledge and allow these feelings to be felt we can become very unhappy and ‘out of sorts’.

This is where Coaching can be beneficial. The coaching session is a completely safe space, a confidential container where women are listened to deeply, can be open and talk frankly about how they are feeling in a non-judgmental place.

Coaching focuses on the future not the past. The emphasis is on the present and what is possible going forward. It is about finding solutions for what is not serving or working anymore. It is a place to grow, evolve and create.

Self-doubt can sabotage our dreams and goals. We can be our own worst enemy. Noticing our negative self-talk and creating kindness and self-care regimes can be extremely helpful at this time. For many women this is the first time they have had the time to give these ideas the space they need and to focus some much needed energy on themselves.

Menopause can bring up many questions within us about life purpose and fulfilment. This can lead to confusion and internal turmoil. For most women thinking about what they want as opposed to trying to please and care for all those around them is something new and can be uncomfortable.

Coaching can be a way to explore this without feeling guilty.

Coaching can help make sense of where to go next in this journey of life. It can help us to live a life that is congruent with our values and therefore a life that makes us truly happy.

Written by Laura Shuckburgh of Marvellous Midlife.
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