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Raving Fan Formula – how to grow a list of raving fans!

Would your business be easier if you had more happy clients eager to do what you ask of them? Absolutely right! The biggest problem is most business owners don’t know how to set themselves up as a go-to authority in…

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Sleep – perhaps the best life hack to being successful, happy and healthy

As business owners, self-employed people and entrepreneurs we need certain attributes in order to be successful. These include: • Focus • Motivation • Ability to build rapport • Health • Energy • Resilience • Creativity • Problem-solving abilities • Emotional…

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How to write when you don’t know where to begin

Is that blank screen and blinking cursor beginning to taunt you? Show them who’s boss! Sometimes, you just don’t feel like writing something that really needs to be written. That’s understandable – and it happens to all of us at…

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7 ways to use hot desk space

Hot desking and co-working are words we hear frequently and can mean different things to different people. Whatever way you look at it, workers are looking for more and more flexible ways of working these days. Being affordable, productive and…

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