7 benefits to running a small business from a serviced office

Serviced offices are fast becoming more popular with businesses of all sizes. To help you consider this option for your business, we have listed below 7 benefits associated with using a serviced office: Cost effective choice – simple and all-inclusive…

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Living a life more adventurous

I’m sat in my car driving the hour-long drive to what used to be my place of work. The route was all on A roads and back country lanes passing through little villages along the way. This drive was something…

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The benefits of building a sustainability focus within a small business

The word ‘sustainability’ is used very widely today – and can have so many interpretations. It is generally understood now that products and services need to respond to the growing customer demand for businesses to demonstrate their ‘sustainable’ or ‘green’…

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Ransomware and why small businesses need to guard against it

As a small business, you worry about all those things that every small business worries about – sales, growth, cashflow and performance. Small businesses are integral parts of the economy, with both local and national governments recognising this. In recent…

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Why is press coverage useful for your business?

Getting press coverage for yourself as well as your business is really useful. It can help establish yourself as an expert in your field, keep you front of people’s minds and drive sales to your business. It’s not always about…

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Case Study: Jack Thompson, 650 Personal Training

650 Personal Training was launched in October 2021 when Jack Thompson started taking on his own fitness clients after gaining years of experience in the industry. He is now a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Advisor and offers military…

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January seems like a lifetime ago and the future seems, well, kind of screwed!

  It’s been a tough couple of years for most and as we all move forward with trying to redefine and grow our new way of life, as a performance improvement professional, I’ve seen so many great opportunities for development…

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Why video should be a big part of your social media strategy in 2022

  “Video is driving an immense amount of growth online for all major platforms.” – Adam Mosseri, Instagram CEO. Many of the social media platforms are moving towards video content and heavily pushing it out to its users. In the…

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