New Economic Development Lead at Stratford DC

Stratford District Council’s new lead on Economic Development and Inward Investment, Mark Wathen, comes with nearly 20 years experience of working in the private sector as a Marketing Director within corporate blue chip organisations, as well as entrepreneurial start up…

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Change the first 15 minutes of your day to create calm and balance

  Do you spend some days feeling overwhelmed, tired and stressed-out? Have you noticed that if your day starts with drama… it continues that way? Perhaps your alarm doesn’t go off, you drop a glass, the kids are driving you…

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Small changes that can improve your cashflow – take some positive steps in a difficult marketplace

  In our professional capacity at Smart Business Recovery Limited, we see businesses that are struggling with the current economy to a greater or lesser degree every day. It’s tough out there at the moment. However, while things are certainly…

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Why you should choose to use personality in your business writing

  When it feels like everyone in your space is offering the same services, packaged in similar styles, and saying the same things (often in the same way), it can be hard to make yourself seen and heard. That can…

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