Raving Fan Formula – how to grow a list of raving fans!

  • Published on 15th November 2019
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Would your business be easier if you had more happy clients eager to do what you ask of them?

Absolutely right!

The biggest problem is most business owners don’t know how to set themselves up as a go-to authority in their industry or where their focus should be to attract a loyal community of customers.

People say to me “Rachael, I just feel pulled in a million directions where should I focus?”

The answer is simple … focus on building your authority and, in turn, your list. Your list is your most powerful asset in your business!

So, how do you grow a list of raving fans…

… those people who follow your every move online, comment on your social posts, open every email and are first in line to buy what you’re offering and think of you first when it comes to your product or service offering.

There are five things you need to keep top of mind…


1. Audience
Before you start to attract their attention you have to get clear on who your ideal target audience is – the one person who wants your exact content, programs and services and is willing to pay for what you are offering.

Ask yourself: “Who do I want to serve and how do I want to serve them?”

2. Attraction
Create an irresistible, value-soaked piece of free content that will attract your ideal clients like bees to nectar because it’s just too good for them to refuse.

It could be a free guide, checklist, quiz, cheat sheet, mini-course, the list is endless as long as it teaches or provides your target audience with something of value in exchange for their email address.

Want a piece of content so valuable your target clients say “Wow! This is amazing…I can’t believe it’s free!”

3. Attention
Next you wanna get your audience’s attention by sharing your free piece of content everywhere your clients are hanging out. On your website, social pages, networking events, email list, business card – your business card is the most under-utilised marketing tool – get your free offer on there!!

Remember people are the busiest they have ever been. So be sure to capture their attention where they are hanging out the most.

4. Authority
Focus on continually building your authority and expert status by consistently showing up with content of value where your target clients are hanging out.

What can you do to build your authority and consistently show up for your audience?
1. Create weekly value broadcast – and don’t just share it once. Create it, share it and link back to it daily.
2. Post daily social media.
3. Host regular webinars and livestreams.
4. Pitch to be interviewed on podcasts, other people’s blogs etc.
5. Showcase testimonials and case studies on your website that demonstrate the kinds of results your clients are already getting.

People want to see the person behind the brand or business. So create multiple touchpoints for your audience to connect with you, hear your voice and get to know you better.

If you’re not consistently talking to your audience, they will not be consistently buying from you or sharing you, your voice and your work and you won’t be growing.

It’s a long-term strategy, not a quick win. Commit to doing these things for at least 12 months.

5. Appreciation
Finally, show your audience that you appreciate them each and every day. Reply to their emails, answer messages, like or share their posts. Engage with their social updates.

Taking the time to show your appreciation demonstrates to your audience that you care about them, their business and their results.

Remember connection is your currency. And will go a long way into turning your audience into raving fans.

Implement the Raving Fan Formula and in the space of weeks your audience will soon know, like and trust what you have to say enough to buy, repeat buy and refer your business, products and services over and over again.

Written by Rachael Watt, The Business Experts Advisor

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