Revolutionise your morning ritual

  • Published on 14th January 2020
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There are so many gizmos and gadgets out there to help us save time, yet we still feel busier than ever, particularly when running our own business!

It’s important to create and keep a strong sense of connection with both ourselves and the world around us – this can often just slip to the wayside. We can get so involved in what we’re doing that we forget to leave ourselves be, just for a few minutes. So let’s get back to basics and, in typical Pu-Tai fashion, learn how to integrate wisdom into our day to day routine by following these 5 steps:

Moving – a short movement routine can help us fly like the Eagle, and from our high vantage point we can practice seeing how tiny we are and how much a part of the Earth we are, rather than apart from her.

Giving Thanks – we can connect to our source of food, water and life by moving our whole body into giving and receiving thanks.

Singing – we can all sing, just like the beautiful chorus of morning (singing is a fascinating example of how we sometimes limit ourselves and our self-belief through an internal judgement filter)

Laughing – we can “tickle” ourselves in bed and stretch fingers and toes while laughing (health and safety: Not to be done if you sleep in a hammock!)

Energy Reset– freeing our mind of any free-floating anxiety or worry by writing it down on a piece of paper and placing into a burden basket – and leaving it to the side in exchange for a beautiful stone person to help us ground and focus.

I ran a Morning Ritual session on these 5 steps at Venture House’s Donut Time Networking and I loved the spirit of the people who attended and bravely stepped out of their comfort zone (not the normal Donut time!).

Each one of the points covered above are available for you to explore more deeply, if you sense now is the time for you to deepen your sense of connection and discover how to weave your own path to inner peace and joy …

Written by Janice Crompton-Brough – Pu-Tai Wellbeing


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