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Require a desk on an occasional or more regular basis?  Fed up working from home, from coffee shops or hotel lobbies and want a change of environment some or all of the time?

Venture House offers flexible co-working space to new and growing businesses, homeworkers, students and anyone else who might see the benefit!  34 Hot Desk spaces are available with the opportunity to meet and work with like-minded people, to share ideas & experiences, to learn, collaborate and be inspired.

FREE Trial on your first visit
Pay as you go
No hidden charges
Use what you need when you need it
Free WiFi
Free on-site parking & cycle shed (subject to availability)
Access to professional business support & networking events
Reduced Meeting Room rates for monthly hotdeskers

What’s Included

  • A choice of 34 workstations: collaborative bench space, booths & stand-up desks
  • 4 walk-up PCs with internet access
  • Your own Hot Desk space, chair and power sockets for charging your mobile, tablet or laptop
  • WiFi
  • On-site parking & cycle shed (subject to availability)
  • Open between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
  • Staffed Reception & storage lockers
  • Use of Chill Zone facilities
  • Informal meeting space
  • VAT and business rates


First visit: FREE
Monthly individual: £130
Monthly multiple (up to 3 persons): £200
5 day: £69 (equivalent to £13.80 per day and can be used non-consecutively and in 4 hour slots)
1 day: £17

Prices are fully inclusive of VAT, service charges & business rates.  All fees are payable in advance.

Extra charges apply to:

  • Scanning, printing and photocopying (although small amounts are not charged for)
  • Meeting room hire (seating up to 16 boardroom & 30 theatre style)
  • Refreshments and catering

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What is the minimum booking length?
Our minimum fee is £17 for the full day (9am until 5pm).  To help you keep your costs down, you can book 5 days for just £69 … these do not have to be consecutive & can also be used as half days (4 hours at a time).

What is the maximum booking length?
We have a monthly subscription that you can renew month by month.  £130 per person per month or £200 for up to 3 persons from the same organisation or working on the same project.  You can Hot Desk as much as you like, Monday-Friday, between 9 – 5pm, giving great value and flexibility – a real alternative to fixed office space.

Do I have to pay each time I visit?
No, not if you opt for the monthly or 5-day booking period, which will save you time and money.

Do I need to book?
No, just turn up and pick an empty Hot Desk.  Obviously if you do book up front we can guarantee you a deskspace but with 34 Hot Desks we anticipate being able to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Can I reserve a specific Hot Desk?
No, desks are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Do I need to pay any Business Rates?
No. Hot Desk clients are not liable for business rates.

Are there any rules?
There are Hot Desk Booking Conditions that we like all users to adhere to.

What are your opening hours?
9am – 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Where can I park?
We have our own car park on site which is available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Do you have anywhere I can leave my bike?
Yes, we are keen to encourage our clients to use eco methods of transport and have our own secure Cycle Shed.

Is there anywhere I can leave my documents/laptop?
We have coin-operated lockers available during the daytime which, for security reasons, need to be emptied at the end of each day.

How will I know what’s going on at Venture House?
Visit the Website, follow us on Twitter or drop in and see the Whiteboard at Venture House.

What happens when I first come to use a Hot Desk?
On your arrival, the Reception staff will ask you to complete a booking form (if you haven’t done so already).  We’ll take your payment and give you a brief induction before settling you in at your Hot Desk.  If you pay in advance of subsequent visits, you’ll just need to sign in when you arrive and then you’re ready to go!

How to book

Simply turn up on the day and we will do our very best to accommodate you.
Alternatively, to reserve your Hot Desk in advance just give us a call on Tel 07583 100488 or email

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